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We are Haute Hustle Media...

... the influencer marketing media boutique that matches sustainability- conscious wellness brands with influencers.

Basically, we are a matchmakers for micro-influencer and brands.

We know the difficulties that young brands and influencers have when it comes to growing a sustainable business.

We know when you have a small team and you have hundreds of things needing your attention and finding influencers (or brand sponsors) are last on your list!!

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Why Us . . . Expertise!

Haute Hustle Media
is a women-owned and operated media group dedicated to our client's revenue growth success.

What we do: We offer a
multi-dimensional approach by activating nano and micro-influencers across social media channels, podcasts and broadcast media. We match brands with influencers while managing the brands revenue-generating campaigns.

Our message: Haute for us means high quality, sustainable, clean, eco and conscious. Hustle for us means having a global changing movement that struts your awesomeness from within. Hustle means working smarter and collaborating with others for a greater impact.

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Lyanca Reyna

Founder & Cohost - Haute Hustle Media

Award-winning Media & Multicultural Marketing Professional, Founder of Lyanca, LLC, and HauteHustle Media Co.  Lyanca Reyna, is a 17yr Media & Marketing business expert of today’s fast-growing online digital market and Spanish Language Marketing pioneer.

Lyanca is also the co-founder and co-host of the Pronk TV Emmy Award Winning Studio Talkshow & Podcast, Golden’s Guide for women’s empowerment - reaching tens of thousands and facilitating global change. Lyanca has produced several Television & Radio campaigns, global podcasts, live events, and summits featuring some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders and change agent authors who have been featured on Oprah, Martha Stewart Radio, Fox News, CBS, Good Morning America and many more global media forums.

Lyanca has helped produce major media events and concerts for world-recognized brands such as Gucci, Fenty, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Subway and Toyota. During her media career, Lyanca also worked for and with major global media outlets such as Univision Television & Radio, Fox News, ABC, CBS, Maxium & Cosmopolitan en Espanol Magazine to name a few.

Now, she shares her trade secrets, online marketing training, planning services, sponsorship & media expertise with her global brand and purpose-driven clients.

Lyanca lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, Roy, and their 11yr son, Ryzen, where she loves to learn and share home and wellness tips with friends & family.

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Jeneth Blackert

Founder & Cohost - Haute Hustle Media

Over the last 17 years, Jeneth Blackert has become a preeminent branding and online marketing expert.

With a background in digital marketing and e-commerce blended with her very unique approach to creative flow, Jeneth has an ability to profoundly deepen her client’s lives and growth experience.

Jeneth hosted the celebrity driven global change podcast, New Wealth Experience, which reached 8 million downloads before its completion. The show hosted thought leaders and brands including T. Harv Eker, John Assaraf, Mariel Hemmingway, Lisa Nichols as well as brands including Vital Proteins and Sapp Life to name a few.

She’s also the author of several books and programs including Falling In StilettosSeven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind, and Simple Marketing and has been featured on many television, radio shows and podcasts worldwide including Martha Stewart Radio, NPR, Fox News and hundreds of radio acronyms around the nation.

Today, she runs several business and ventures including Haute Hustle, Amazon private label selling, and online marketing coaching.

She lives in Austin with her husband, her daughter Julia, & her two dogs. You can find her reading, writing, swimming, or watching reality shows.

What Clients Say

I was skeptical, but I chose Haute Hustle Media for their realness and connection.

Rob G.

I can't tell you how much time and money I saved by hiring Haute Hustle. You can count on their attention to detail and professionalism in all aspects of your project.

Lindsey M.

With little experience getting sponsor, I felt like I had to invest in a company that could move the dial. They have made me about 3 times the brand sponsorships I have on my own.

Kelly K. | Influencer

"Sustainability-conscious brands are the ones that are aware of their impact on the planet and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They consider the environmental impact of their products and their packaging, and they take steps to minimize waste
and pollution."